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PROMISS is a pregnancy medical program dedicated to saving lives and protecting futures.

PROMISS Pregnancy Care Center

The PROMISS life-saving mission is accomplished through the following programs:  

Option Ultrasound- A life-affirming medical program serving expectant parents and their preborn children. Services include pregnancy testing, pregnancy confirmations through ultrasound exams, medical consultations and community referrals. 

Our Earn While You Learn Program- An educational system that teaches and allows moms to earn baby bucks to spend in our Mommy Mall. Our Mommy mall has different items the moms are able to purchase with their baby bucks. Baby bucks can be earned by attending a class each week. They will meet with an educator who will go over a short lesson with them. The father of the baby can also attend to earn baby bucks. If the mom is unable to attend a scheduled class, we can schedule a special class for them. There are different ways to earn baby bucks. This can all be discussed in the first class. The lessons can cover everything from pregnancy to newborn care. Moms can attend classes from the time of finding out they are pregnant, until the baby is three.

Parenting by Heart- Volunteer or court ordered parents of infants and toddlers complete eight weeks of parenting training aimed at reducing the risk for child abuse and neglect.


Project Bright Futures- Teens and singles who are struggling with pressures to be sexually active outside of marriage are encouraged to think about, discuss, and practice using information to manage their sexual feelings.  Information is imparted to help them resist social and peer pressure. Teen parents learn how to acquire and develop healthy relationships, effective parenting skills, good study habits, time management

skills, and community resources. 

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