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Pregnancy Programs

Life-Affirming Medical Clinics - Gautier MS and Lucedale MS 

Our medical team is trained in pregnancy testing and confirmation. A limited, obstetrical ultrasound is offered at no cost to determine the existence of an intrauterine pregnancy.  

Bright Futures 

​Youth and unwed adults are encouraged through abstinence educatiom to postpone physical intimacy until marriage to avoid teen and out-of-wedlock pregnancies.     

Earn While You Learn 

Mommy and baby items are provided for attendance of prenatal and parenting classes.  Inexperienced parents are educated on how to meet the physical, emotional, and intellectual needs of their child. Topics such as "How to put your baby to sleep" and "Childproofing your home" are favorites among those attending the "Earn While You Learn" Program. When participants complete a healthy step like attending a prenatal appointment or a homework assignment, they are awarded with "baby bucks" that they use to purchase needed baby or maternity supplies in the MOM and ME store. 

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